Sunday, June 21, 2009

Van M. Cagle: How about an Interview with you?

VMC: I would like to interview you and also Michael Hernandez de Luna. I need a little assistance. I cannot find de Luna on your website. Is he a member of the IUOMA? Please let me know about the interview with you. We'd probably have to do it via email, since our time differences are so drastic. If this poses problems, I can try to think of another solution.

RJ : About interviewing me; no problem. Just realize that it sometimes takes time for me to answer. About Michael Hernandez de Luna, I am not sure about having an e-mail address. Maybe just google it?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Luciana Tamas: What you think gAsPexT isn't?

LT: Mr. Janssen, I will not insist now with a new question. What follows is, actually, a request: please write me what you think that gAsPexT isn't... The posibilities are infinite and you are one of those people who can find a plausible answer in front of infinity...

RJ : Yes, I will write you what gAsPexT isn't. Not on this blog, but it will be a piece of Mail that will be on it's way soon to you. Thanks for your time to interview me. I am looking foreward to see the complete result.

Mail from Luciana Tamas - Romania

This card Luciana Tamas sent to me as part of the mail-interview