Thursday, October 19, 2017

PS : What will happen to your mail-art archive?

For the time being I like to have the Mail-Art archive close to me. There are some parts though that are passed on to other parties. My complete corresepondence with mail-artists in Eastern Europe I have donated to the Schwerin Museum in Germany. They have a permament collection of mail-art (have a look at:

Because in the last decades a lot of books have been published on the subject of Mail-Art in small editions, these books form an important part of the archive. I also actively publish books by myse;f and others to make sure information is written down and available for others to research. See the bookstore at:

Friday, April 28, 2017

PV : Why do you have this ongoing Interview Blog. Shouldn't an interview end somehow?

RJ : Over the years I did several interview, and yes they all ended. This blog was started a decade ago because I noticed a lot of questions keep coming back. Not that I always give the same answer, but somehow I liked the idea to keep track of the answers through such a blog.

So that is the reason I still keep this blog alive. An Interview that also forms an archive of my answers. I guess if someone asks me a duplicate question again after many years, my answer will alter every time I try to find the words. That is what art is about. Your views change with the knowledge and perspective you have.