Thursday, May 5, 2016

CN : What is the importance of Rubberstamp Archive?

RJ : The importance today is that is a collection that has grown over the years. I started sending out the TAM rubberstamp sheets back in 1983, and that is now over 33 years ago. As a mail-art project is the longest run project and it still going on.

The main collection exists of prints by mail-artists that use rubberstamps i their works. So all I asked was an imprint on a piece of paper, and am storing that away for safe keeping.

That is collection is interesting shows the exhibitions so far:

1996 : Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco

2004 : L-Gallery in Moscow

2010 : Stendhal Gallery in New York

So, in the near future another exhibition will take place soon, but always just with a selection from the archive. There are just too many sheets in the collection to exhibit them all. Although that will be the final goal, and the place where that will be might even get the offer to curate the final collection.

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