Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Carly Toyzan: In your opinion, does the Internet help or hurt mail art and why?


Internet makes communication cheap with e-mail and sites and blogs. The traditional mail gets expensive and unaccessible for most.

Internet makes mail-art known to a complete new audience and new people discover and start.

The mail-art that is sent out is more carefully sent out. Sometimes with other goals. Some send out mail to get it published on a website, not for a traditional show. Catalogues are scarce, but websites pop up every week.

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Mim said...

Even though I was around when Ray Johnson was out there, and Fluxus, I was busy with a different kind of life, putting my art making on hold for awhile, so I came late to Mail Art. I wouldn't have "discovered" it, if my son hadn't directed me to some internet site that eventually led me to it. I'm grateful for the internet.