Monday, May 4, 2009

Luciana Tamas: TAM and IUOMA?

LT : I understand. Let's return: please tell us about the new TAM-Publications projects and about I.U.O.M.A.

RJ : TAM-Publications started years ago with the publishing of texts about Mail-Art. In the beginning the texts were copies and distributed. In the last years the publications became books which are available online too at e.g. : The last publication are also available there. New projects are the book that will be published in connection with the IUOMA 1988-2008 celebration in which this Union will be explained again. Texts from some major players in the mail-art network will be published in that book too.

The IUOMA is a conceptual idea. Everybody that wants to become a member of this International Union of Mail-Artists automatically becomes a member just because they ask. The concept has grown into a group of people who say to be a member of the IUOMA. They have their own platform nowadays on: where already 443 members have joined in the last 5 months. These days the old generation of mail-artists that is still alive and active has also access to the Internet and have integrated this communication-form into their art as well.

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Luciana said...

Mr. Janssen, in this period I've been getting information about Mail-Art and I realized that it is a truly fascinating universe. I consider that the principles, which the cultural avant-garde was built on, are admirably continued and that the new means of planetary communication multiply (through virtual networks) principles which (in different forms, of course) were announced, among others, by the "Fluxus" movement, too. How do you personally report yourself to this movement which, though ignored at its beginnings by the great public, starts to be understood, assimilated and even lived ?