Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luciana Tamas: Combining Literature with art?

Your first question: "Because we adress ourselves to a public which is interested, first of all, in literature, please tell us about your activity as a poet and about the way you managed to combine literature with art". is a difficult one to start with. I did once write poetry the traditional way. Words on paper. That was even before I started with my activities in mail-art in 1980. What Mail-Art showed me is that more artforms can be combined and that the thread in it all becomes the communication process. Nowedays Poetry even can be generated from computersystems. When you play them right the results are beautiful. Do you play them 'wrong' the result is boring and computerlike. The creativity is what makes something art. Repetition is something comeletely different.

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Luciana said...

Luciana Tamas: I do understand that more creativity forms can be combined, but isn't there the danger for that "hybrid" which results from their combination to not be intercepted with enough clarity by those who watch each one of these domains in a traditional way ?
It is obvious that the poetic metaphor can find its correspondent in form, as well as the visual image (even the one generated by computersystems) has, certainly, a metaphoric component, but this implies also a receiver with an extremely well-trained vision. The question is: isn't there the risk that only a quite elitistic zone to be able to perceive a such messagge ?