Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Luciana Tamas: Returning to my first question.

LT : Returning to my first question: a bigger and bigger number of people who come from domains which don't traditionally have direct connection with literature (like mathematics, physiks, chemestry, even politics) declare themselves as being poets. On the other hand, the literary men talk about "poetry's death". How do you explain this situation ?

RJ : I can only speak for myself. I had both interests in Science and in Art. My decision to study Physics was combined with the thought that this studie would be the basis for my life and that art would be the form in which I had to make no compromise to what I want to do. My art doesn't have to be sold. I make what I like to make. I send it to who I want it to have. The essence in this idea is I believe that Art and Money are not stimulating each other. Making art to make money makes you depending on the viewer, the buyer, the gallery, the museum. You say that some people declare themselves "poet". Maybe they just mean that they let creativity go its way without following the boarders set by science and rules from others.

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